“Saved by 0”, the Modern-day Mr. Whipple

19 11 2008

Ok, so everyone who has ever cracked “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This” by the brilliant (and hilarious) Luke Sullivan, is familiar with the idea that not all good advertising is memorable and not all memorable advertising is good.

Case in point: Toyota’s Saved by 0 campaign.  Now, normally I love Toyota.  I drive a Toyota and the ‘Rolla has not failed me yet.  Admittedly, their advertising isn’t always the greatest, but it has never before instilled in me the temptation to set fire to my own vehicle in protest.  If you’ve been near a television in the last month or so, I’m sure you’ve been subjected to this abomination of a 30-second spot.  I would describe it, but I think I’ll let the horror speak for itself.

Awful, obnoxious and guaranteed to haunt you for hours.

AND I know it’s not just me, ’cause Time just wrote about it:


I had been hoping that with budgets being cut, the average ad might be improved by needing to attract more attention for the cost.  Maybe even start seeing some new, creative nontraditional.  It seems that was all in vain – because this crap is ACTUALLY WORKING!  C’mon, people, don’t encourage this sort of behavior.  Set the bar higher.  Don’t get sucked into the madness!  And maybe don’t set fire to your cars, either…you’ll never get a loan for a new one.




2 responses

19 11 2008

I don’t recommend setting your car on fire, I know that bankruptcy law firms are much less likely to retain you when/if you go bankrupt shortly after that. I would also like to add that that commercial jingle played in my head as I read this blog and thus did not have to watch the video (not that i could at work) — I hate that commercial with a passion.

20 11 2008

Wow. I’d never seen that commercial before (“Hello, my name is Rikki, and I live under a rock”)–that is insanely horrible. So horrible, infact, that my Toyota Solara is now the neighbourhood’s community BBQ pit. Gah. I wish I hadn’t clicked on that. The jingle just won’t go away. I hope better things are in their future. Also, I hope whoever the “genius” was that came up with THAT has been cut from the team with no severance package. Horrible!

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