Seducing the Boys Club

8 12 2008

Found a fantastic book about being one of the few women in a male-dominated industry.  And by “found” I mostly mean “was recommended to me by my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Sheri Broyles” (thanks, Dr. B!).  It’s by Nina DiSesa (a copywriter), so on top of being both relevant and helpful, it’s also wonderfully fun to read.  Personally, I don’t anticipate putting several of her suggestions to use for many years, unless some agency wants to hire me on in a position of authority (god help them).  But, it’s full of great things to keep in mind when working with (and especially managing) men.

Now, I realize that I’ll get the requisite eye rolls from the peanut gallery (i.e. any of the guys from school who are still convinced that I’m just an angry feminist who wants to enslave men to do my bidding….wait, that doesn’t sound so bad…).  Where was I?  Oh yeah, the boys.  For some reason, most of the younger guys I know in the business or who will be in the next year or so seem completely oblivious to the fact that there isn’t much estrogen in your average creative department.  I know y’all are masters of cluelessness and all, but come on.  It’s a rough job that requires a thick skin, flexible schedule, and sense of humor when it comes to dealing with truckloads of testosterone.  I really admire Ms. DiSesa for what she’s put up with and how she reached such a high level by cleverly navigating the boys’ club.

And it’s not just about advertising (though, obviously, the anecdotes tend to revolve around pitches and deadlines), and the overarching themes can be put into practice in any industry where it’s hard for anyone with two x chromosomes to take the lead.

If you’re still skeptical, check out the website:




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