More good stuff from I Love Typography

20 10 2008

Thought this was funny and super cute.


My thoughts exactly

7 10 2008

P.S. My birthday is coming up and this poster would look great on one of my walls.  🙂

New work

7 10 2008

Just embedded my latest/best work over at the My Work page.


Check it out.

I just had a tryst with type

12 09 2008

After this rather interesting fellow, Chank, came by Miami Ad School for one of our weekly guest speaker gigs, I’ve flirted with his website, perusing the type he designs.  Today, however, I took the plunge into a full-on affair, and downloaded probably 20 or so free fonts to feed my sick addiction.

Then, I stumbled across this over at I Love Typography and thought it was too cool not to share.

Kristen Chenoweth is my hero.

27 08 2008

Ran across this little ditty today.  Even more hilarious if you’re familiar with tiny Ms. Chenoweth as Glinda the Good in Wicked.

Unfortunately, it’s not on YouTube, so I have to link to it.  But check it out!


27 08 2008

There’s a brewing catfight going down over at  It looks like we stirred up some serious drama by doing our thing for class and we’re racking up some serious hits for it.

Check out the post on The Knot that’s getting so many brides up in arms.

Is it too late to be a designer?

17 08 2008

Still love the Hush Sound.  And type.  Especially the kind that moves.  Which is why I’m avoiding work and finding fun stuff like this instead.